Cloud Of Danger Over: Shreyas Talpade’s Wife Deepti Talpade Reveals Gives Actor’s Health Update

Actor Shreyas Talpade reportedly suffered in a heart attack when he was shooting for his upcoming film Welcome to the Jungle’. Shreyas immediately got admitted in hospital and underwent the angioplasty around 10 PM on Thursday. 

The Cloud of Danger is Over!

Now Shreyas Talpade is in quite stable condition. The cloud of fear regarding Shreyas’s health is over now. The wife of the actor, Deepti Talpade said that Shreyas Talpade is quite well now. She told the news to social media and news channels. Thursday Shreyas Talpade got admitted in hospital and that time his wife Deepti was with him. She broke into tears that time. But now, she has little smile of hope. The danger is over. As per the source report, Shreyas’s angioplasty was done by Bellevue hospital in Andheri West. 

Sheryas Talpade on Thursday!

Welcome to the Jungle movie shooting was continuing Thursday and Shreyas shooted an action scene of this movie. He suddenly felt sick on his way back home from shooting spot and got a heart attack. As per the news, his heartbeat got stopped for next 10 minutes. But soon, he was admitted in a private hospital in Mumbai and there his angioplasty was done successfully. Shreyas Talpade’s wife Deepi wrote in social media that she is letting everyone know with a relief that Shreyas is in better condition than previous. Hopefully, she will bring Shreyas back from the hospital to home within a few days. She also expressed his gratitude towards the doctors’ team who made treatment of Shreyas and cured him. Also, she thanked to all well-wishers of Shreyas Talpade who prayed for Shreya’s health and well-being. 

As per the source news, Shreyas was busy in shooting on Thursday for the entire day and he was quite well that time. He made humour and fun with everyone at shooting set and even he did shoot of some action scenes. He returned home after finishing shooting and there he told his wife that he is feeling uneasy. His wife soon admitted him in hospital but on the way to hospital, Shreyas’s health got terribly deteriorated and his heart condition got drastically low.

 Shreyas’s Acclaimed Career

Shreyas Talpade is an extremely popular and talented Bollywood actor. He was appreciated by film critic, and he worked in lots of hit movies in box-office. He has been working in Bollywood movie for almost 20 years and within these 20 years, he gifted 47 movies to Bollywood. Currently he is acting in Welcome to the Jungle movie where with him, audiences will see Akshay Kumar, Raveena Tandon, Disha Patani, Jacquline Fernandez, Lara Dutts, Sunil Shetty, Sanjay Dutta etc. Hope this star-studded movie will rise a record storm in Bollywood box office.