Kapil Sharma’s SHOCKING transformation! Spotted With A Cutie

Great news for all his fans. Ace comedian Kapil Sharma is back in town after a long time. He was away from the limelight for a long time but is now finally back to the grind.

Comedy King Kapil Sharma had some turbulence in his reign. He had been through a rough patch for almost a year now. He lost many friends in the industry, was slapped with multiple legal notices and his tiff with a journalist. He suffered through depression and even admitted to having become an alcoholic. Many people predicted that his downfall is inevitable. It became hard to believe that he was the same Kapil who once managed to make people laugh at the drop of a hat.



But proving haters wrong, Kapil Sharma has fought against all odds and has managed to get back to business. He was recently spotted at Mumbai airport smiling wide and bright. He looked visibly happy. But he wasn’t alone. Kapil was accompanied by a cute little ball of fur. He was cradling the dog lovingly. The dog even managed to put a smile on Kapil’s face which was missing for a long time.





Looks like Kapil is headed towards the road to recovery. This tweet by him is a solid proof of that.


We have missed our favourite comedian and can’t wait for his comeback. We wish him a speedy recovery and good health.



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