Comedian Siddharth Sagar missing from 4 months; the latest update will leave you shocked!

Comedian Siddharth Sagar, who is best known for his stint as Selfie Mausi on The Kapil Sharma Show has been missing from last four months.

One of his good friends, Somi Saxena shared the news of his disappearance on her Facebook profile. She stated that the popular comedian was last seen in November and urged people to help her find him. She wrote, “You guys remember him Sidharth Sagar aka selfie Mausi urf Naseer this guy is missing since 4 months last seen on 18 November 2017. Nobody knows where he is. He is my very good friend please help me find him spread this as much as u can.”

The news of Siddharth’s missing spread like a wildfire and caused an understandable ruckus among his friends, fans and media.

And now, Sidharth himself took to social media and posted a video saying that he is safe now but was in a major trouble a few days back. He revealed that his own family mentally harassed him. He posted the video last night and shared about his situation. He said, “That seeing the concern of my friends and media, I am posting this video. Yes, I had filed an NC against my family as I was mentally harassed by them. But now, wherever I am, they are in complete support of me. Can’t reveal much. Within 1-2 days will address the media and share all the details.”

If few media reports are to be believed, Sidharth didn’t share a good rapport with his mother, who allegedly kept him under house-confinement.

Siddharth’s friend Somi Saxena who shared the news of his disappearance has now deleted that post. A leading entertainment portal reached out Somi’s mother, who said a word with Siddharth on phone. “Sidharth told me that he’s fine and that he will meet me in two days,” said Tanu Saxena, Somi’s mom.

Siddharth Sagar-

The portal also got in touch with Siddharth’s parents. While his mother said that he was missing in action because he was having a bad time with dengue whereas his father refused the reports of any ruckus in their family and rather confessed that he has taken a few steps to ‘tame the son’. His father also contracted his wife’s claim of Siddharth suffering from dengue!

Is Siddharth’s family trying to hide their misdeeds? Let’s see what more revelations he makes about this matter! We are glad that the talented comedian is safe!


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