Common Laundry Mistakes That Can Damage Clothes

Clothes are an investment, but doing laundry is daunting. We sometimes do laundry quickly without noticing any laundry mistakes that can damage the clothes. You have to be attentive in doing laundry to avoid these common laundry mistakes that can damage your favorite clothes.

Washing clothes more often.

It is unhealthy for clothes to be washed as often. Some clothes require fewer washes to maintain the optimum of their fabrics. Unless your clothes do not have any noticeable dirt, stains, or odor, you can use them again and not throw them into the laundry hamper. This is a common laundry mistake, especially for jeans, sweaters, and jackets. You can wash this type of clothes after 3 wears.

Undergarments are an exception to this rule.

Excessive use of laundry detergent.

Have you heard about the misconception? Some say adding more laundry detergent would help make clothes cleaner. This is a big mistake. Using excessive laundry detergent makes it difficult to rinse clothes thoroughly. It results in funky-smelling clothes because of the sticky detergent residue.

If you are washing workout clothes with a moisture-wicking feature, only use half of the recommended amount of laundry detergent. The moisture-wicking feature makes it hard to rinse items thoroughly. 

You do not read the wash care label.

This is the most obvious laundry mistake one can make: not reading the instructions. You need to remember that not all clothes are made equally. Clothes use different kinds of materials, and each type has special instructions. Dry clean only? You can go for dry cleaning near Stuyvesant town. Leave it to the laundry service. Handwash only? Do it yourself. 

Unmaintained washer and dryer.

You have to know that laundry practices end with regular maintenance of the equipment you have used. An unmaintained washer can bring odor to your clothes. You have to clean it regularly to ensure that it gives the same optimum cleanliness to the clothes. Meanwhile, an unmaintained dryer may be dangerous to your household. Reports have shown that dryers mainly cause house fires. Hence, remember to maintain your washer and dryer regularly. When organizing your laundry room, add in maintaining your washer and dryer.

Disregarding stains.

Stains are the major problem when handling laundry. Before you throw them in the hamper or washer, ensure that you have pretreated the stains. Disregarding the stain only makes eliminating it unnecessarily stubborn and difficult. You can remove stains efficiently by taking action immediately

Using laundry cleaning items with a harsh chemical component.

It is easy for us to grab laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, or other laundry cleaning items from the shelf without checking their ingredients. Some laundry cleaning items have a harsh chemical component that damages the fabric of our clothes easily and may give discoloration. Research the best laundry cleaning items to use. 

You can prevent these common laundry mistakes that can potentially damage your clothes by practising the correct ways. Save yourself from the frustration when doing laundry. If you do not have the time to do laundry, give the laundry delivery service near you a quick call. Let the experts handle your laundry.