The most common ‘myths’ about Zodiac signs

By Divya Virmani

July 21, 2018

Astrology goes far beyond the popularized Sun-Sign columns published in newspapers and magazines. Astrology should not be confused with fortune telling, palmistry, psychic or tarot reading. Nor is modern western astrology a belief system like a religion. It is often disregarded as most of the stuff is untrue. Here are some common myths that are communicated about each Zodiac sign!Arians are flamboyant Arians are expected to be attention seekers because of their sun-sign or zodiac sign. People believe that they have a flashy and a bold personality and also judge them by their dressing style. Well the truth is that Arians do care a lot about their appearance but they do not flaunt things and definitely not flamboyant.

Taureans are lethargic

It is believed that all the Taureans are super lazy. They procrastinate things always. Taureans like to take their time so that they can make informed decisions rather than rushing through everything mindlessly. They just like to take things slow and are laid-back not lethargic.

Geminis do back- bitching

People believe that Geminis are two faced and can never be trusted due to the symbol of this zodiac sign. Actually the symbol of the twins means they have two sides to their personality – both of which can be good also.

Cancerians are warm-hearted

All the Cancerians are believed to be very kind and caring. This is irrelevant as all the people born under this sign are not warm-hearted. They are very kind towards the people who are special to them but can get cranky and rude sometimes towards strangers.

Leos are haughty

People born under this sign are believed to be very arrogant. They are proud and love being on the top. Being proud doesn’t mean that they are arrogant and haughty.Virgos are cleanliness freaks

Virgos are believed to be cleanliness freaks as if they have an OCD. They do not like physical cleanliness rather they try keeping the corners of their mind neat and tidy.

Librans are fair It’s believed that Librans are very fair and unbiased. They always take right decisions and are a symbol of justice! But Librans fight for their own cause and forget that fairness is a subjective matter.

Scorpios are always turned on

Scorpios are considered to be se*x freaks and the ones who are always se*xually aroused. This fact is completely untrue as they are not always horny and aren’t thinking about something se*xual.

Sagittarians are honest

The tactfulness and child-like behavior of Sagittarians are often confused with honesty. They are rather capable of cheating and lying. They are very clever and manipulative.

Capricorns are prudish

People born under this sign are extremely kinky but from their external appearance they look shy and boring. But actually their wild sign is seen in the bedroom which is surprising for their partners!

Aquarians are wild

We are sure that some Aquarians in this world are wild. Most of them are brilliant artistes, performers, thinkers or scientists, who are yoga-doing bohemian vegans. They all have a rigid system of beliefs and aren’t as wild as people might think.

Pisceans are very gullible

Pisceans are believed to be very malleable creatures, the ones who can be influenced and convinced very easily. But this is true to some extent only. They cannot always be manipulated as they do have brains of their own!