‘Comparing Her Nose Size…’: Gautam Vig Reveals His Family’s Reaction On Dating Rumours With Tina Datta!

Bigg Boss 16 is one of the most popular seasons. There is love chemistry, strong friendships, and animosity between the contestants. Gautam Vig is one of the most talked about candidates in the limelight due to his relationship with Soundarya Sharma. However, after the show, his name was associated with other actresses who only appeared in Big Boss 16.

Gautam Vig- Soundarya Sharma Relationship broke due to this reason

Gautam and Soundarya started a relationship in Bigg Boss 16, but a lot of questions raised about their relationship in the show, which eventually turned their love into a fight. Gautam was later dropped from the show and it was later revealed that Gautam said very offensive things about Soundarya.

This increases the distance between them. Soundarya and Gautam’s relationship didn’t start after the show, but the actor’s name is definitely linked to Tina Datta. A discussion begins on social networks that Gautam and Tina are getting together.

Gautam Vig’s Parent’s reaction on Affair with Tina Datta

Gautam Vig also revealed how his parents reacted to the news. He said, “I was so surprised. Someone was comparing her dimples on the cheeks while Someone was comparing the size of her nose. I struggled with what to say to these people. Even my mom and dad were asking me who this girl is In the photo.I told them if someone will come into my life, you will get to know before than anyone. I am enjoying all that people are interested in in my life.”


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