Confident Debut Is Made By Camila Cabello In The Feminist Re-telling Of The Classic Fairytale Cinderella

Camila Cabello is considered to be bringing in a lot of confidence and spontaneity in her debut of acting in the movie directed by Kay Cannon.  

The fairytale of Cinderella is directed by Charles Perrault is one that almost all of us have read in our childhood. It is a specific story of a poor girl where we can see her life is transformed by her fairy Godmother and obviously, her prince charming.

However, in this movie, Kay Cannon is seen to be giving a modern spin to the feminist to the story where the significant protagonist seems to be in demand of known as Ella instead of royalty. Cinderella is seemed to be marking the acting debut of famous singing sensation, Camila Cabello.

Camila is popular and worldwide famous for her songs like Liar, Senorita, Havana, and other singers. It seems to be under production by James Corden from the fame of The Late Late Show. The fans of the singer seem to have been whipping for the film ever since the movie trailer came out.

Just like the classic fairy tale, Cinderella seems to be giving a sad boring life, which seems to be dominated by her step-mother. Unlike the original story, the girl in this story is seen to be liking designing dresses and dreams of eventually becoming a couturier. The lady somehow manages to reach the courtesy of the ball by her fairy Godmother and then all of us already know what happens next!

Camila Cabello plays the lead role of the feminist version of new-age Cinderella and seems to be enhancing the character with spontaneity. The sassy quotient is seemed to be in possession of the singer of the character to perfection. An incredibly handsome prince is played by Nicholas Galitzine and is considered to be having an astounding presence on the screen.

Both Minnie Driver and Pierce Brosnan are in possession of some major best lines within the movie. Brosnan is seemed to be playing the role of the silly king hungry for power with the aplomb, while the genderless fairy Godmother is played by Billy Porter.

So, are you also excited to watch the spectacular Cinderella this weekend?  

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