Confused between a Smooch or French Kiss and wants to know more? Have a look at the deets inside.

A kiss is the most expressive way to show love, affection, and warmth towards your loved ones. As the change in civilization, we have developed the ways of kissing as well. It can be used to express inner feelings without words towards your loved ones: life partner, parents, siblings, young ones, or elders. As per the different ways of kisses, we have also different types of intentions of kissing on various parts of the body.

Kisses on various body parts are stands for: –

A kiss on the cheeks is considered friendly.
A kiss on the lips is symbolic of Romance and love.
A kiss on the forehead is said to symbolize adoration.
A kiss on the hand is said to show gratitude or respect.
A kiss on the Neck is symbolized naughtiness.

In this article, we would elaborate on two types of Kisses “Smooch and French Kiss”. Both the kisses are considered as the symbol of romance and passion towards your partner by involving lips in the activity.

What is a French Kiss?

Showing love by French kiss is much more passionate than the smooch. While doing a French Kiss, that not only involves the lips, but also the tongues of the partners. It is very sensual and requires an active role of both partners as they slide in their tongues in each other’s mouths and explore the insides of their mouths. This also expresses romantic feelings and sexual desire. French kiss is very popular in the World and often portrayed in popular culture. This also can be gentle or wild depending on the desire, arousal of the pair involved.

What is a Smooch?

When two individuals involving in a Lip-to-lip kiss, called Smooch. smooches are generally shared by two people who are in an intimate relationship. Thus, this type of kissing is generally used to express the desire for intimacy and sexual thoughts. Sucking the lips of the partner is a major feature of a smooch. Smooches are generally considered to be exciting and are enjoyed especially by lovers. A smooch lasts a longer time than a normal kiss and can be gentle or wild depending on the level of arousal of the couple involved. Smooch is less intense than a French kiss.

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