Converting PDF to PDF/A with PDFBear: Converting with Ease

The fast pace of how business works these past few months has been a roller-coaster ride amid this ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. Businesses face different difficulties to go through and survive this pandemic. Most of the stories of the companies are losing their revenues and laying off their employees. Some businesses don’t even have a choice but to declare bankruptcy.

There are many ways to adapt to this pandemic. One of the most traditional methods and has been the most successful is embracing technology in our daily lives, which is an excellent way to run business and operate online. With tons of files and different formats available online, PDFBear is a friendly online platform to help you with your file conversion needs.


PDFBear is an online platform that can help you with your conversational needs. As stated in their name PDFBear is an all-around PDF converter that helps you with your pdf conversion needs. You can convert your file into a pdf format or vice versa a pdf format file into different formats like word, excel, ppt, jpeg, HTML, and many more.

But PDFBear services do not stop there. They also offer different services like convert pdf to pdfa function, organizing a pdf; you can merge, split, or delete pages as you like. You can also optimize your pdf when using PDFBear with an option to compress or repair your pdf. Viewing and editing can also be done with PDFBear. You can use these services to read, share, add number pages, add watermark, or rotate a pdf.

The convert pdf to pdf/a function is one of its best features. A pdf/an electronic document management file removes much of the complexity and issues in saving a file for long-term preservation. It is said that a pdf/a is built to be readable for the next 100 years, which is excellent for businesses, long-term research, and important news articles.

How to convert PDF files to PDF/A format

Converting your pdf file into a pdf/a format is simple and can be done in no time. In one of the most effortless ways to convert a pdf file online. PDFBear even has instructions on its website to avoid confusion for its new users. Its straightforward approach on its website is a great help to avoid uncertainty in converting your files.

Step One

The first step in converting your pdf file into a pdf/a format is by selecting your chosen pdf file that you would like to convert, or you can drag and drop your chosen file to the PDFBear for it to be recognized in their system.

Step Two

After selecting your chosen file to be converted, the second step would be to wait for your file to be uploaded to their system and scan your document. This step usually takes about a minute or two, depending on how big the file size is or how fast your internet speed.

Step Three

After you’re done uploading your file into their system, the Third step is just to wait for your conversion to be completed. This step usually takes time depending on how big your file size or how fast is the speed of your internet connection. You don’t have to worry about anything else but to wait for your file to be done converting.

Step Four

After it completes your file conversion, the fourth and last step is by downloading the converted pdf to pdf/a file into your desktop. You can also save your converted file into their cloud system, so you don’t have to consume your device’s storage.

How Important is a PDF/A

PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of a PDF or Portable Document Format. It is a design to make sure that a document will be viewed or copied in the exact way it was saved. All the information that is displayed in your file is in the document itself, leaving it to be reproduced exactly the same way for long-term preservation, regardless of what software is being used.

PDFBear Accessibility

Nowadays, it is important for everyone to have a service that can be accessed anywhere, especially in this fast-paced digital world. Hence, the flexibility of an online platform like PDFBear. You can get access to their superb services as long as your device is connected to the internet. So you can upload, convert, and download your desired file.

PDFBear can also be accessed on any device or platform available from the browser, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and many more. You also need not invest much time in converting your file. You can convert your files in four easy steps, and your pdf to pdf/a conversion is completed in no time. You are converting your file in the most convenient way possible with PDFBear.

PDFBear Security

Privacy of a document should be put on top of priorities when dealing with the security of an online platform. Hence, the effort of PDFBear in this kind of situation to secure everyone when converting their files. PDFBear is protected with 256-bit encryption technology, so you don’t have to worry about the outflow of your personal privacy.


The fast pace of the industry amidst this pandemic has been troublesome for business owners. Most of the businesses are laying off their employees; some even declared bankruptcy. Although there are many ways to cope with this pandemic, one of the best ways is to embrace the technology in running your businesses and operate it online.

In embracing technology, there are new ways of running a business. Hence, the importance of keeping up with technology and learning new things. Having an organized file setup is an excellent way to start things up. PDFBear is a friendly online platform provider to help you convert your file needs to your specific needs. PDFBear has a straightforward approach to its users for the convenience of everyone. Try it out for yourself now and make you file conversions a breeze!

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