Could Anyone Survive A Nuclear Bomb Attack?

There are few who could hazard a guess on the odds of surviving after having witnessed the terrifying reality and result of the blast as well as the radioactive aftermath following the detonation of a nuclear device. However, if you are a betting man, I would strongly advise against taking any odds on the matter.

One man survived, not just one, but two nuclear bomb attacks, and the fact that makes his incredible story even more amazing is that he survived the two massive blasts within just days of each other.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi eventually passed away due to the effects of stomach cancer, notwithstanding the severity and pain of this inhumane illness, the cancer part comes as no surprise. Especially so given the fact he currently is still the only person in history whom the Japanese government officially recognised to have survived and lived through both the bombings of Hiroshima as well as Nagasaki.

Factually, over 100 perhaps as many as 165 people who were present in both cities during the nuclear blasts managed to miraculously survive but to date never became officially recognised as double survivors by the government of Japan.

Equally as surprising as his double survival, given the recorded effects of prolonged exposure to high volumes of nuclear radiation, is the length of time he managed to avoid contracting cancer. Yamaguchi only passed away due to his stomach cancer on the 4th of January 2010, at the ripe old age of 93!

Those constitute some long odds indeed, firstly to have survived not just one but two nuclear blasts and then somehow avoided contracting cancer until he was somewhere in his 80s or 90s after experiencing two lengthy doses of intense nuclear radiation.

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Yamaguchi’s amazing tale of beating all odds starts on the 6th of August 1945, aged 29 he secured a position as an engineer at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. At the time a work project had him focusing on oil tanker design, on the way to his home in Nagasaki, he became aware that he’d forgotten to take his travel permit. This forced him to return while his two colleagues continued on their commute, at 08:15 after collecting his travel document and while making his way back to the railway station, he noticed a plane overhead and two small parachutes before a blinding flash followed by a rush of sound and wind knocked him down. Mr Yamaguchi was unfortunately just 3km from ground zero and the epicentre of a nuclear blast, his eardrums instantly ruptured, was temporarily struck blind, and received severe burns over the greater part of his upper torso.

A scant three days later he recovered enough to report back at work, only to have the entire nightmare recur a few days after.