COVID-19: Studies Shows Blood Clot In Severe Cases That May be Caused By Antibodies.

A study was released on 26th July shows inflammation and blood clotting found in particularly severe cases of COVID-19 may be caused by antibodies deployed to fight the disease creating superfluous platelet activity in the lungs.

The researchers from Imperial College London in the UK also found that it was possible to reduce or stop platelets from responding in this way. By treating blood with active ingredients from different drugs known to either inhibit platelet function or immune responses.

The research demonstrates how antibodies produced by our systems to defend us from COVID-19 activate platelet activity—potentially leading to lethal blood clots in people with severe illness. Platelets are tiny blood cells that form clumps to stop or prevent bleeding. However, improper platelet function can cause significant health problems like strokes and heart attacks.

In the most recent study, researchers cloned antibodies made to combat the coronavirus’s spike protein from persons who had severe COVID-19 infections—the spike protein aids in the infection and entry of the SARS-COV-2 virus into human cells.
The researchers discovered that the tiny sugars on the surface of these antibodies. They were not the same as those seen on healthy people’s antibodies. When scientists used those cloned antibodies in a lab with blood cells from healthy donors, they found an increase in platelet activity.

“Until now, we have only had assumptions about why platelets involved in clotting were being activated during COVID-19 infection,” said Professor Jon Gibbins from the University of Reading in the UK. “The antibodies that are produced to stop COVID-19 from spreading infected trigger cells to induce platelet activity which causes clotting even though there is no wound that needs healing.”

However, according to the findings, medicines now used to treat immune system disorders may limit or prevent cells from forming an increased platelet response.
The researchers also in Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust are currently investigating these medications in clinical studies. Patients at hospital sites around the UK try to find if they will minimize significant clotting in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

Moreover, the laboratory analysis of platelets elucidates critical mechanisms that explain how and why deadly blood clots might arise in very ill COVID-19 patients. More importantly, it provides hints as to how this can be avoided.

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