COVID-19 Vaccine Could Impact Menstrual Cycle; But It’s Temporary And Short-Lived, Say Experts; Deets Inside!!!

A new study says that the COVID-19 vaccine may affect a person’s menstrual cycle. Women have started reporting problems regarding menstrual cycles after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Various cases have got reported like having very late periods and heavier bleeding. Even postmenopausal women have menstruated again after receiving vaccines.

But take a sigh of relief. The impact is mild and temporary. Experts say that the vaccine could impact on menstrual cycle but, it is short-lived, and also, it does not affect fertility. The changes to menstrual cycles are barely detectable. Moreover, vaccines show no signs of being harmful.

Is COVID-19 Vaccine A Worry To The Menstrual Cycle?

The vaccine may disrupt the menstrual cycle but it does not result in any long-lasting changes or in disruption in fertility. It has been reported as a very brief change like a few days in the cycle.

Those who have regular cycles, can have changes in their menstrual cycles. It is very difficult to say why it is happening but most importantly, the impact is minimal and short-lived, that is what experts are saying.

However, a cycle length is normal if it delays up to 8 days. But a period can be considered as a missed one after 6 weeks without bleeding. No cases of missed periods have come as the changes are minimal. Many women are now hesitant to take COVID-19 vaccines. But experts are assuring that vaccines are safe for everyone. The most important thing is that COVID disease may likely disrupt the menstrual cycle much more than the vaccine, say experts. But you should take advice from a doctor if you are having unusually heavy bleeding, and excessive vomiting. Postmenopausal women who are bleeding excessively should call a doctor too. It is not clear why it might be affected by the vaccination but women with regular menstrual cycles are coming with the problem.

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