Today when the whole world is going through such a delicate phase, we need people like Shikha who are our ray of hope. We salute to such people, who serve us, our loved ones and our friends in times of difficulty without being acknowledged. Here’s the story of Shikha Sarah Gupta, who works as front line worker during this pandemic in Halifax.

“I was a basketball player and a teacher in one of the best schools’ in India. I emigrated to Halifax, Nova Scotia with my husband in July 2019 after I was nominated by the province as an early years educator. Soon, after I landed I realised that I don’t have the accreditation to teach and I cannot teach in any public or private school in this country. I could feel my career getting shattered as a teacher but I started working part-time in a day-care which didn’t last long. Apart from finding employment, I focused my energy in volunteering and became a Medical First Responder for St. John Ambulance.”

“Meanwhile, after a few odd jobs, my husband found a job that he deserved and my job search found work with The Salvation Army – Centre of Hope as an activity assistant to teach kids of new immigrants. It was paying well and helped me in taking care of my bills. After a few weeks I started working in the food bank of the Salvation Army, distributing food to the less privileged and that was my moment of epiphany and I realised that if not a teacher, I can work for the NGO and towards the upliftment of the society.”

“My hard work started nurturing and I was offered a position of Case Worker, it’s a rare thing to happen with a newcomer in this country. This was my big moment and with a sense of pride, I was super excited to take up the new role and all set for my training. I was supposed to go for my training in Alberta but, COVID-19 happened. Most of my colleagues from The Centre of Hope choose to take a voluntary lay off as they have kids and wanted to assure their safety, me on the contrary had two options, either get laid off and take emergency benefits or work as a front line worker. I chose the latter because I had made up my mind to give back to the society and make a difference and this was my opportunity.”

“I am currently one of the front line workers during this pandemic in Halifax and never stopped working under any circumstances. My decision to continue working fills me with happiness and pride. Further, it also motivates me to keep working for society and I now aim to work for the Humans Rights one day.”

We need more people like her. Salute to you and your team, Shikha!

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