Craft core is the New Fashion for Girls! – The Subculture is on the Rise.

With the homespun resurgence and the elements that are handmade over the entire year of 2020, fashion seems to be embracing the craftsmen’s essence in every kind.

As the world is battling the isolation and dabbling with the culture of the DIY, individuals are considered to be eventually realizing the significance of the handmade and the amount of dependence upon it is considered to be the conscious choice for a longer period.

Starting from Dalgona coffee to bread that is homemade to tie-dying, crocheting as well as embroidery, handmade is currently the new favorite of people in India. And perhaps, this is the place, where the urgency of the newest subculture of fashion, and craft core lies.

Just like the suggestion of the name, craft core is the new aesthetic of fashion whose key values seem to be revolving around handmade, homespun elements, along with the elements that are up-cycled. The subculture will also be owing to the emergence to the revival of the trends of the ’60s and 70’s ushered in through a renewed nostalgic sense.

Though the technique of quilting, patchwork, and other techniques of handmade are considered to be making their way into the domain of higher amount of fashion, the Gen-Z made the contributions to the unfolding of the subculture with the movement of the DIY that they sparked over the platform of social media. With all the above convergence, came the subculture of craft core that makes the ambition for cherishing sustainability and the mindfulness above everything.

The Craftcore had the first significant moment in the Fall Fashion 2020 runways. With the labels of legacy such as the Chloe and Maison Margiela exhibiting the specific iterations regarding the crafty couture, a specific thing that is here to stay in the clear-craft core.

Moving ahead with the gaining surge of the #VocalForLocal, more and more designers made realizations that the value that is both artisanal and emotional in terms of the traditional crafts, and gave within the culture that is handmade. The unfolded and the followed within the Summer and Spring of 20201 runway at Fendi, Marni, Valentino, Christian Dior, and Bottega Veneta saw a remarkable amalgam in terms of the folksy techniques.

Craftcore has made its own space within the scenario of Indian Fashion long before it came under-recognition as a subculture, and is on the rise!


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