Do you have a crush despite being in a relationship? Here’s how to handle!

Getting attracted to someone isn’t a conscious decision. It just happens! It doesn’t see time, date or your relationship status; and suddenly you realise that OMG you have special feelings for someone. Isn’t it?

And unsurprisingly, we all have a crush. You eagerly wait for his text and think a a lot before replying (so as to make the best impression). You just can’t stop ogling at him like crazies or maybe just his presence takes you to an another world. feel a bit weird. While it is absolutely normal to have a crush but having a crush while being in a relationship can feel a bit weird. A sudden set of questions start bothering your head. Are you cheating on your partner? Are you the devil of your relationship? Is it morally wrong?…And the list goes on!

Well, it is the time you know, having a crush on someone at a gym or a guy at work despite being in a relationship is absolutely NORMAL! You are not breaching any moral values. You are not a devil. It is perfectly natural. All you need to do is stay calm and get your mind rid off from these bullshit thoughts. Dealing with this weird yet normal situation is no herculean task.

– Remember, it is normal: It might sound repititive but this is the first and foremost way to deal with it. Just know that this is natural and normal. Don’t indulge into overthinking. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t find anyone cuter or attractive. Duhhhhh!

– Is there any issue in your relation?: Every relationship has the consistency of waves – sometimes high, sometimes low. You can view your crush as a natural reminder to analyse your relationship. Has any distance cropped up between you two? Are you both not spending enough time together? So counter it all by spending more time with your significant other and doing fun activities together.

– Keep it gracious: Ya! You have to keep it all civil with your with your crush! Don’t give him a cold shoulder as it is not his not problem that you have a crush on him. At the same time, don’t be so visibly flattered either. Treat him like any other acquaintance.

– Control your temptations: In most cases, a crush could just be a physical attrcation. If that is the case, don’t let momentary lustful feelings take over. It is very easy to go with the flow but a late realisation of hurting your partner will give you guilt forever.

– Is it more than a crush?: Think about it! Are you ready to end your relationship for the sake of this crush, then re-think about the relationship. Do a bit of introspection what exactly do you wish to seek from a relationship. Talk to your partner and settle for a mutual decision.



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