How often should you wash your BRA?

Usually women get offended when they are being asked about the no of times or how often they wash their bra. This is because it does not sound decent for any person to ask this question to her. It may be referred to as an intervention in someone’s privacy which no one would appreciate. According to a Survey, when women were being asked about that how often do they really wash their bra, the answers they got to know were quite interesting. Some of them said that they do it once a week, some others said once a month and some just sneaked out saying they would not like to share it; It’s just between them and their God. Women usually don’t like to share any such kind of personal information with any random stranger.

If you ever feel a bit uncomfortable about not getting a regular wash of your bra, then be reassured that not doing so is going to help it last for a longer period of time. This is because washing your bra much frequently can damage its elasticity, which is essential for providing the proper support. In a slightly more scientific survey, a Twitter poll by the Pool, found that out of over 6,000 women, the majority which is 37% would admit to washing it after a week of wears, while 30% were opting for the two plus wears rule. Then there was the 27% who were brave enough to claim they did it less often. And for the rest left minority of 6% who bravely claims that they are washing their bra after every wear.

The facts about bra which majority of the women are unaware includes that bras cover an intimate area. They pick up sweat and bacteria all day long. That is the main reason you need to wash your bra because wearing a bra for a much longer period (thou it doesn’t smell or look nasty) can even cause bacterial infection and can further lead to major consequences. The ‘Elastic’ which is so important to a bra’s functionality must be maintained either you made your mind to wash it or not.

Therefore, it totally depends on you that how you make up your mind regarding the basis over which your bra must be washed. As an adult, maintaining hygiene too must be in your prime concerns. But just try to keep your mind away from all myths or misconceptions regarding how often you need to wash your bra. Just keep it simple and real J

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