Dad’s Reaction To Indian-Origin Journalist Winning Pulitzer Prize Goes Viral On Social Media

It seems getting praised by their own parent for Asian kids is not a cakewalk, even after winning the prestigious Pulitzer Prize award, which is a top-notch award of US. And that’s exactly what happened with Megha Rajagopalan, a journalist from BuzzFeed News who won the Pulitzer Prize award on Friday.

Though praises are pouring for her success across the globe her dad’s text message response to her winning award has also gone on viral on social media after Rajagopalan shared a screenshot of the chat, which was also shared by the Pulitzer Prize  megha rajagopalan

Sharing the chat which read: “Congratulation Megha. Mom just forwarded me. With no emojis or any other marks in the message, he wrote Pulitzer Prize. Well done” This reaction of her father took twittery especially Asian people to split and led to the tweet going viral. Her tweet, so far, gained around 5,000 retweets and 128k likes on Twitter.

“Still disappointed you didn’t pursue medicine or engineering? In all seriousness, a hearty congratulations to you. These are the kinds of successes that normalize desi kids pursuing their dreams, twitted Heena Santry, an acute care surgeon.”

Lol. Such a dad. Congrats on winning the first-ever international reporting Pulitzer for BuzzFeed News for your incredibly important investigative series on China’s internment of Uyghurs!, another user wrote.

Another user wrote,” Congratulations Megha! Dad’s reactions keep us grounded haha.”

Rajagopalan, along with two other contributors Alison Killing and Christo Buschek won the Pulitzer Prize for innovative investigative reports harnessing satellite technology that exposed a vast infrastructure of prisons and mass internment camps secretly built by China for detaining hundreds of Muslim Uighurs and other minority ethnicities.

Announcing the winners on its official Twitter Pulitzer Prize account, “Congratulations to @meghara, @alisonkilling, and Christo Buschek of @BuzzFeedNews. #Pulitzer.”

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