Dalljiet Kaur-Nikhil Patel Twin In Their Haldi Ceremony, Actress Shares Pics With Her Kids!

Dalljiet Kaur is today marrying to UK based Nikhil Patel . On 16 march, the actress had a mehendi ceremony and  haldi and sangeet ceremony kept on 17th march. Dalljiet describes her life and Nikhil’s life in the palm of her hand with mehndi design.

Dalljiet Kaur’s Mehndi, Haldi and sangeet Pictures

Dalljiet said, “This is a well thought out mehendi design. Nikhil and my life are defined in every way. You have a bride and a camera. I also wrote “Take 2″ because it happened in my life. Because Nikhil travels a lot in airplane. There is also a photo of the two parents and their three children  Dalljiet’s son Jayden ,9 and Nikhil’s daughters, Ariana, 13, and Aanika, 8. May we always hold hands as parents and family.”

Dalljiet Kaur Is nervous of being Bride for second Time

She admits that she is afraid of marriage. “I’m excited, but more nervous. I thought I had month or two till my big day. abhi toh time hai. But time goes by so fast aur kal shaadi hai. It was quite an interesting period in my life and a lot will change.” She continues, “Poori zindagi palatne waali hai and I will welcome this with an open heart. I hope the decision is right for Jayden and me. It will be a good contribution to the life of Nikhil and his daughter. I see how two families fit together. It will be interesting. I’m looking forward to the next phase.”

Their Love story ! 

Dalljiet met Nikhil last year at a mutual friend’s party in Dubai. Then they chatted like parents, and the conversation turned to their children. Love comes with time. She will go abroad after she marries Nikhil. His son and Nikhil’s eldest daughter, Ariana, will live with the couple.