Daya’s Return: Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Stays Put Amidst Boycott Buzz


For over 15 times,” Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” has been a ménage fave, bringing laughter and joy to millions. Still, recent rumours and social media trends suggesting a possible boycott and the show going out-of-air have stirred concern among suckers.

Daya Returns??

Dayaben’s Absence and the’ Boycott TMKOC’ Trend

The absence of Dayaben, played by Disha Vakani, six times has been a major point of contention. suckers, eagerly awaiting her return, expressed their disappointment on social media with the’ Boycott TMKOC’ trend. enterprises grew, egging enterprises about the fate of the cherished sitcom.

Asit Kumarr Modi Breaks the Silence

In response to the growing uneasiness, Asit Kumarr Modi, the show’s creator, recently stated to address the enterprises. He emphatically clarified that” Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” isn’t going out of the air. Modi comforted suckers that the hunt for the perfect Dayaben is ongoing and that, despite detainments, the iconic character will make a comeback.

The Challenge of Chancing the Perfect Day

Asit Kumarr Modi conceded the challenges in casting Dayaben, emphasising the need for a brilliant pantomime to step into Disha Vakani’s shoes. The lengthy investigation process underscores the significance of chancing an actress who can capture the substance of the character, creating a flawless transition for the followers.

Reflecting on 15 Times of TMKOC

Celebrating the show’s recent milestone of completing 15 times, Modi expressed gratitude to the entire cast and crew with a special citation of Disha Vakani’s indelible depiction of Daya Bhabhi. Despite the challenges, Modi assured suckers that Disha Vakani would soon make her triumphant return to” Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.”

A promise for the unborn

In conclusion, Asit Kumarr Modi’s statement serves as a stopgap for suckers, disbanding any sundries of the show’s termination. The pledge of Dayaben’s return and the ongoing commitment to quality entertainment reaffirm the enduring heritage of” Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.” As observers eagerly anticipate the comeback of their favourite character, the show stands flexible, ready to continue its laughter-filled trip for times to come.


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