Deepika Padukone queen of Bollywood, who is considered to be one of the sexiest actors has worked her heart out to become one of the highest-paid and A-listed stars of the country. Deepika apart from being a phenomenal actress is also a style icon. She has been experimenting a lot with her looks especially ever since she got married to Ranveer Singh.

Recently, at The Print’s Off The Cuff Chat Show, Deepika was asked about Ranveer’s unique fashion statements and how he dresses when he meets Padukone’s.

Deepika Padukone said  Ranveer has to dress according to the Padukone family wardrobe when he is with her parents. “ When he’s with my parent’s that’s his look. If it’s a specific family event then there’s Padukone family wardrobe which is black pants, blue jeans white crisp shirts, round neck T-shirts,” she said.

Talking about the intelligent side of Ranveer to which, Deepika added, “ There is extremely quiet, vulnerable and intelligent side to him that I guess people don’t get to see very often. He’s extremely expressive, a lot of directors get to see that side of him as well.”

When asked about her fashion choices, Deepika said, “I don’t get it, I wear a white shirt and blue jeans, they’ll be like so boring, why can’t she try something fun? And when I try something fun, it’s like oh now she is trying to be like her husband, she should just stick to doing the classic stuff she always does. What do you want?”

Deepika who has been quite vocal about her battle with anxiety and depression said she would love to produce a movie on mental health, “I would love to produce something. Being someone who has experienced it I am looking out for that. But, I need people who also work in the field of mental health, understand nuances, can interpret them..,” said the actor.

On the work front, Deeps could be next sharing the screen space in Kabir Khan directorial ’83. The film is all set to release in April 2020.