Deepika Padukone is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood. Considering her success and where she is at the moment, it won’t be wrong if we believe that she has no regrets in life. But that’s not the case. Even this actress has some big regrets in her life and she revealed the same. During the launch of veteran actor Hema Malini’s biography “Hema Malini: Beyond the Dream Girl”, Deepika had shared that she is just a 12th-pass and couldn’t complete the graduation because of her work commitments.


During Deepika’s interaction with the audiences and media, the actress said that she found it difficult to finish her 11th and 12th grade in her hometown of Bengaluru because of her modelling assignments. She was a successful model back then, and ultimately abandoned attempts to complete her college education.

She said, “Even my 11th and 12th, I struggled to finish. I was already a very successful model, and I was based in Bengaluru but I had to keep travelling to Delhi and Mumbai for work. I couldn’t keep up. Then I ultimately finished my 12th and I tried to do one year of my degree. I couldn’t do that, I then tried to do distance education, I couldn’t complete that as well so I’m just a 12th pass.”


She also added, “My parents back then had a big issue with that because they always wanted me only to start working after having a basic college degree. The very conservative Indian way of looking at it is that you need to have something to fall back on.”

Now, Deepika Padukone is the highest-paid female star in the film industry, allegedly charging a fee of Rs 12 crore per movie.

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