Deepika Padukone Reveals What She Would Do If She Found Out Her Partner Was Cheating On Her

In history, Deepika Padukone had opened up about being cheated on by her boyfriend, intimating at Ranbir Kapoor, in their relationship and she caught him red-handed. She admitted that she was foolish enough to give him an alternate chance because he begged and begged despite everyone telling her that he was still going amiss. She’s now married to Ranveer Singh after dating for 6 times. As Deepika is presently busy promoting her forthcoming movie Gehraiyaan, which is about infidelity in ultramodern connections, she revealed what she’d do if she finds out her mate is cheating on her.

Participating in her views on infidelity and cheating, Deepika told Curly Tales, “It’s a deal swell for me. Although I feel like it’s a lot more complicated than just giving a straight answer like ‘Oh, it’s a deal swell for me‘, I suppose there are so numerous factors that come into play, like ‘how much does that relationship mean to you?’, ‘how numerous people are willing to work on it’, ‘was it a mistake?’, ‘is it a habit?’ I suppose there are so numerous effects that come into play. People make miscalculations. A lot of times people make the opinions they do for a variety of reasons.”

She further added, “As a society, people are conditioned to suppose that infidelity is a bad thing. Still, if you put yourself in the shoes of a therapist or counsellor, also you understand ‘why the person did what they did?’ You start to see it veritably else. This doesn’t mean that I agree with it and that I don’t agree with it.”

Meanwhile, the generators of Gehraiyaan released the title track, which is mixed with an enigmatic air, an ethereal musical arrangement, and compelling lyrics that talk about the feeling of love and craving. The song, composed by Kabeer alias OAFF and Savera, has been designed by Ankur Tewari and written by Kausar Munir. While the music features a fresh sound brought to life by violins, organs, and reverb, the lyrics impeccably express the violent narrative of the film and its characters. The title track is a Hindi adaption of the original song, Frontline, and has been performed by the same artists and features lyrics from Lothika Jha.

Gehraiyaan also stars Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday, and Dhairya Karwa as the leads, and featured artists like Naseeruddin Shah and Rajat Kapur in vital places. Directed by Shakun Batra, the film will be available to sluice on Prime Video starting February 11.


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