Deepika Padukone Says ‘I Don’t Need To Move To Another Country To Be Accepted’; User Links It With Priyanka Chopra!

Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are two prominent Bollywood actresses. Deepika gained fame for her roles in movies like ‘Padmaavat’ and Chennai Express. Meanwhile, PeeCee made a mark in both Bollywood and Hollywood with her roles in films like, ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and ‘Quantico’. Although the two actresses are poles apart, both enjoy a massive fan following. Priyanka Chopra has made some great global achievements with her versatile acting skills in Hollywood. However, both Deepika and Priyanka often grab headlines for their catfights. Recently, the same thing happened as a Reddit user shared an excerpt from Deepika’s interview.

Deepika Padukone shares she doesn’t need to move to another country to be accepted

Bollywood diva, Deepika Padukone recently graced the cover of The Week magazine. Since Deepika shared some experiences about herself, a snapshot of the same was shared on the Reddit platform. The clip featured the actress talking about her global ambitions.

Deepika further mentioned that she doesn’t feel the need to migrate to some other country to feel accepted. The actress mentioned that this has made her feel tense sometimes, but she tries to calm herself by knowing that she is in her culture. Sharing the clip, the Reddit user wrote:

“Is this supposed to be another dig at Priyanka?”

Netizens reaction to Deepika’s viral statement

As soon as the video surfaced online, netizens started to express their opinions on the same. Some internet users thought it was a clever dig at Priyanka Chopra, others refuted the claims. Reacting to it, one user wrote, “Maybe it is and maybe its not. I do agree with her completely though. She conveyed it very meticulously.” A second user penned, “It obviously is. The matrics she mentioned uniquely fits PC and no one else,” another comment read, “PC did not go to Hollywood by choice. She was forced to go there cos she had no future here.”

Deepika Padukone Says 'I Don't Need To Move To Another Country To Be Accepted'; User Links It With Priyanka Chopra!

When Deepika Padukone dismissed rumors about her catfight with Priyanka Chopra

For the unversed, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone worked collaboratively in the film, Bajirao Mastani. However, the rapport between them often grabs netizens’ attention. However, Deepika addressed it and revealed that such rumors make her feel strange, as she considers Priyanka to be her friend and not a professional rival. In the words of Deepika Padukone:

“I like the fact that you use the word ‘friend’, because that’s what she is to me. So, every time I read anything that doesn’t say that (we are friends), it really surprises me. I have always said that she is someone I’ve known for many years. I feel extremely awkward and weird when such comparisons are made, because I don’t even believe that we are professional rivals. We never were. So, why should we be now? She is doing amazing work in her own space. And what her work will require from her in terms of time and other commitments are different from what I am working towards or what I am doing.”