Deepika’s comment on Ranveer Singh’s photo just CONFIRMED their affair!

By admin

March 14, 2018

They may admit or not, their actions speak louder than words – such is Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s love-filled relationship. Both of them have refrained from confirming their alleged relationship to media but their on-screen and off-screen chemistry makes their bonding very much clear.

Ranveer is fearless with PDA and has never shied away from holding her hands or hugging her tight in public! On the other hand, Deepika has managed to stay tight-lipped about their relationship for the longest time. But this time, the much-in-love diva was totally smitten by Ranveer Singh’s photograph on Instagram so much, that she probably forgot that millions of followers keep a keen eye on their each move.

So, basically what happened is, Ranveer Singh posted pictures from Hello Hall of Fame Awards where he was awarded with the ‘Entertainer of the Year’. In usual quirky avatar, the Padmaavat actor looked absolute dapper and Deepika couldn’t stop herself from expressing her love. She commented something which makes us believe that the two are very much in love. But minutes after posting the comment, she deleted it. By then, fans had already captured her love-filled comment via screenshot!

Ranveer posted this picture:


And here’s what she commented! The comment is deleted now!

By the way, let us also tell you Deepika also won the same award in the female category. So whether the “mine” comment was for Ranveer or the award, one can’t say! But we hope it was for Ranveer, for, these two are totally adorbs together.

This is not the first time Deepika Padukone led to speculation of their love affair. Pretty recently, she posted a heart comment on Ranveer’s photo on Instagram.

The way they both talk about each other with sheer proud and admiration is enough to make one go in knees. They are pretty much the most gorgeous couple and their marriage rumours are also going super strong in media!