Delhi’s Urvashi to represent Indian married women in Mrs. India UK 2018 Pageant

Mrs. India UK is a unique pioneer pageant in the United Kingdom for British Indians and Asian married women residing in the United Kingdom. The pageant aims to encourage and empower married women. Celebrity Make-Up Artist and Entrepreneur, Urvashi Salaria Chawla is representing Indian married women in the UK in the forthcoming Mrs. India UK pageant. She recently won the subtitle of Mrs. Glamorous at Mrs. India UK 2018. The finale of this beauty pageant is on 15th April at Hilton Tower Bridge, London.

Urvashi shares, “Our mentors have been super helpful and supportive throughout our journey focusing on individual attention. Not just that – they’ve been mentoring us through online sessions too.”

Urvashi is a renowned celebrity makeup artist who has been married and residing in London for four years. After moving to London, she started working with NHS and was decently settled there, but then she decided to follow her passion for make-up. She then opted for setting up a business in India which called for strenuous frequent travels. With her hard work and determination, Urvashi settled a beauty business in Delhi, and this is where her success story took off. She became a very successful and leading entrepreneur in the beauty and makeup industry within a very short span of time.

With the finale of the pageant up tomorrow, we are hoping Urvashi to bring more pride to the nation.



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