Desi goes ‘Firangi’

Hailing from Amritsar, Kapil Sharma rose to fame with the comedy reality show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Soon, with his own shows Comedy Nights With Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show, became television’s most popular shows and he became India’s biggest star. Kapil is always in with an element of comedy that makes everything an entertaining affair. His comic timing and effortlessness make him a clear winner!

His debut movie Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon, directed by Abbas Mustan did a record opening day business. Now, Kapil once again stepped in the actor’s shoes. This time, he played a patriotic character in the movie Firangi, directed by Rajiev Dhingra which released on 1st December. The movie is set during the British era and moves between patriotism and a light-hearted tone.

Kapil Sharma was making news all through this year. This year has been a roller coster for him with all the controversies around. From his mid-flight spat with Sunil Grover to his team members moving out of the show to his show’s TRPs and ultimately to his health, everything has been talked about. While he was in Delhi to promote his movie Firangi, WE had a chat with him.


Tell us something about the movie and your character.

The movie is set in the pre independence era. Till date all the movies set in that era have shown the dark side of partition. We wanted to make a light hearted story so that people forget the dark side and enjoy it. I play Manga in the movie. Manga’s character is just like me. He tries to do something good always. However, fails at it just like me. (laughs)

Will we get to see the comedian side of you in the movie?

You won’t miss my comedy. We usually keep it limited on television. But in a film we have a platform to show things that are larger than life. Comedy is a part of acting. Only great actors can do it. There is a lot of comedy and romance in the movie.

Shows on television or movies? Which one do you like more?

Shows on television are usually shot at a studio. With movies, on the other hand, you get a chance to explore. We shot Firangi at different locations like Chandigarh, Gajner and Bikaner.  Both television and movies demand a lot of hardwork. However, when doing a movie, you are well prepared with your homework and you go there to give a shot. On television, everything happens on the sets. At times, we keep shooting for 6 hours continuously. It once happened when we shot with the Happy New Year team.

What are your expectations from Firangi?

I have watched the movie and I am my biggest critic. I really liked it and hope the audience likes it too.

There are reports of your Hollywood debut. Are these true?

Yes, I have been offered a project. However, I had a telephonic conversation with the team. As of now, I can’t confirm anything else.

Will you always stick to doing comedy roles?

Every actor has their own speciality. I will start laughing if I try to do romantic scenes like Shah Rukh Khan or stunts like Akshay Kumar. I like to make people laugh. There is so much stress in the lives of people and if I can do something about it, there is nothing bigger than that!

One big question of the moment is when will Kapil be back with The Kapil Sharma Show? And will we get to see Sunil Grover on the show?

We are planning to bring in something new. I enjoy working with him. You will surely get to see us back together. Hopefully very soon!

And what are your plans for marriage?

I am a workaholic guy and I get scared by the idea of marriage.

What do you have to say about the controversial Padmavati row?

Actually I really don’t know what to say about it. Some say Censor Board has seen the film, some say they haven’t… so what is the reason? Basically, the community has raised the objection saying the film will hurt sentiments. But these threats are really wrong. India is a democratic country and everyone can keep their thoughts forward but giving such threats is simply wrong. Everyone is hurt because of these statements. As far as the release is concerned, Censor Board is there to make a decision. If they find something objectionable, they are a government department.



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