Dharmendra’s Reply To a User Who, Asked If Hema Malini Ever Picked Up A Broom At Their Home

One of the incredible couples, Dharmendra ji and Hema Malini ji have been giving some genuine relationship objectives as far back as they had begun to look all starry eyed at and got married. Indeed, even in the wake of being hitched for just about 40 years today, their adoration for one another is as crisp as a newlywedded team. The couple’s marriage had occurred at Hema ji’s sibling’s home and it was a tranquil and customary Tamilian wedding. What’s more, this is the means by which the two had constantly needed their matrimonial to be!

It is likewise to be referenced here that Hema Malini is Dharmendra’s subsequent spouse and his first wife is Prakash Kaur to whom he had hitched before entering the showbiz world. In spite of the fact that Hema and Prakash had met at a few events preceding the previous’ marriage with Dharam ji after their wedding, their ways never crossed.

Recently, on July 14, 2019, when Dharam ji imparted a video to a wild ox and its calf, a client remarked about Hema Malini’s floor brush video by asking him, “Sir, madam ne actually kabhi zindagi mein jhaadoo uthayi kya?” To which the witty and honest guy Dharam ji replied, “Haan films main, mujhe bhi anaadi lag rahi thi. Maine magar bachpan mein, apni maa ka hamesha haath bataya hai. Mai jhaadoo mein maahir tha. I love cleanliness.”

In an association with a main day by day some time back, Hema ji was gotten some information about her condition with stepsons, Sunny and Bobby. She was cited as saying, “Everyone wonders what kind of a relationship we (Sunny and I) are having. It is very beautiful and cordial. Whenever it is necessary he (Sunny) is always there, along with Dharamji, especially when this accident happened (sic).”

Further, in a similar meeting, Hema Malini had additionally cited an example when it was Sunny who raced to her when she broke her nose in a mishap in 2015 in Rajasthan. Hema ji had then expressed, “He (Sunny) was the first person to come and see me at home and he saw that the right doctor is there for the stitches that were done on my face. I was really taken aback to see him showing so much interest. That shows what kind of a relationship we are having.”

She had further gone to add, “That’s when we decided to buy our own apartment. Actor Biswajit Chatterjee became my neighbour. I converted the garage into my dance rehearsal hall. I remember Dharamji would drop by for coffee, but back then I had no idea I would fall in love and get married to him.”

In the same interview, she reminisced about Dharm ji’s father, Kewal Krishan Singh Deol, who was extremely fond of her and her family. She fondly remembered, “He would drop by and meet my father or brother for chai. Instead of shaking hands he would arm-wrestle them, and after defeating them he would jokingly say, ‘Tum log ghee-makkhan-lassi khao, idli aur sambhar se taqat nahi aati (Have butter, lassi, ghee. Idli and sambhar won’t make you strong).”

Including further, she had stated, “My father would join in the laughter. He (Dharmendra’s father) was a very jovial person. Dharamji’s mother Satwant Kaur was equally warm and kind-hearted. I remember how she came to meet me once at a dubbing studio in Juhu, after I had conceived Esha. She hadn’t informed anyone in the house. I touched her feet, she hugged me and said, “Beta, khush raho hamesha (Be happy always).” I was happy that they were happy with me.”

Talking about how much she misses her childhood days, Hema Malini had once shared, “Yes, I used to miss my childhood, but I did get a chance to relive it through Esha and Ahaana. Now that they are becoming mothers, I will get yet another chance to relive my childhood, this time as grandmother! God has been kind to me, so I really should not be sitting and complaining.”

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