Dia Mirza Takes A Stand Against Problematic Portrayal Of Love In Her Debut Films!

In a recent interview with Outlook India, actress and social activist Dia Mirza expressed her concerns about the problematic portrayal of certain themes in her debut film, Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein (RHTDM). Speaking about the film’s depiction of stalking in the name of love, Dia fearlessly voiced her opinions and shed light on the responsibility of filmmakers to promote positive values. 

What she said? 

Dia said, “If I were offered that movie (today), I’d question some of it and hope the authors would fix it.” “I assimilated some of the movie’s themes and realised they had to do with the correct kind of love spreading. I vehemently oppose stalking. It is a bad thing to do, in my opinion. In addition to lying to Reena, Maddy’s character also stalks her. Of course, when she learns the truth, she ends their relationship, only to find out later that he is sorry and actually cares about her.”

Dia emphasized that there is no justification for stalking, and lying is just as bad. She believes that some recent films have portrayed similar scenes that have done exceptionally well at the box office, perpetuating the false notion that stalking is acceptable. According to Dia, films have a responsibility to promote positive values, and spreading falsehood is not acceptable.

Wrong portrayal of Love 

But, Dia said, “There is no excuse for stalking in our world; lying is bad, and stalking is worse. “I am aware of other recent movies with similar situations that have performed incredibly well at the box office. I believe that this false sense of righteousness is being disseminated through our films.”

Dia’s thoughtful insights on the portrayal of love in films serve as a reminder that popular culture shapes our understanding of social issues. As artists and creators, we have a duty to promote positive values and not propagate harmful behaviors.


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