‘Did I Raped You?’, Urfi Javed Used Lewd Comments For Paparazzi As They Took Picture With Her!!

Urfi Javed is often in the headlines for one or the other reason. Sometimes her pictures go viral and sometimes her videos go viral. She always dominates social media due to her outspoken words and unusual clothing style. And something similar happened in a recent video. Recently, Urfi Javed reached an event, where once again her unique style was seen. After reaching there, she said something to the cameraman, due to which the actress is being trolled fiercely.

Urfi Javed

Actually last night Urfi Javed had reached the screening of the film “Middle Class Love”. During this, she wore a crop top and low waist lower. The way she dressed was such that the innerwear of the actress was clearly visible. She flaunted her matching lingerie in the outfit. When this video of Urfi came on social media, the users start trolling her fiercely on internet for her weird clothes.


Urfi Javed

However, not only about clothes but another video has surfaced on social media, due to which she is being trolled fiercely. Actually, some paparazzi want to get the photo clicked with Urfi. In such a situation, Urfi tells the paparazzi to come forward and get the photo clicked. Then a camera man takes a picture with her. After which Urfi tells him- ‘Why were you blushing, what did I do. Did I raped you? I teased you… I did not rape or teased you’.

After this statement of Urfi, she is being trolled badly on social media. Many users are also making very lewd comments. Netizens have used abusive words for Urfi. They says that Urfi should apologize for her statement.