Digital Education: A Step Towards New Possibilities

Firstly, let us begin with understanding the importance of education in one`s life. Education, in any form, plays a very significant and pivotal role in the development of a person. Education is a fundamental right that every individual on this planet is honored with. Through education, one develops a sense of understanding of what is right and what is wrong, it broadens the horizons of our brain and also helps in understanding how the system works, generates social awareness, and inculcates basic manners.

Just imagine a world without education, what would it lead to? Nothing but a catastrophe. People completely unaware of what is happening around them, not aware of their fundamental rights and duties, personal growth becoming stagnant which will automatically put a full stop to the growth of our country. Education can be imparted in any form, physically, virtually depending upon the favorable financial factors. Just because today we are educated, we are able to identify our interests, choose an appropriate career, and according to that start to hone our skills.

Already several types of research have been conducted over the years in order to determine what do the people of our country think and feel about the education system and have been asked about how more can it be improvised. After analyzing the results, it turns out that many Indians were satisfied with the type of education they were being tendered with.

Globally, India has contributed a substantial amount of share in the education industry. Since it holds a profused chain of educational institutions in the world! Now that we are through with the importance of education, let us walk you through how the current scenario of education is evolving day-by-day leading to new possibilities. Last year, when the first wave of pandemic hit, the Indian government came up with the decision of shutting down schools and colleges in order to protect young children from the pandemic.

It was then when schools and colleges came up with the solution of E-Learning,i.e., digital learning. Due, to the advancements in technology and modern innovations, they have completely changed the course of perceiving education for the students and the society. Who knew the amalgamation of technology and education can put forward a new pedagogy structure for the students. Online education has given a tremendous opportunity to the young minds of our country to nurture their brains by experiencing this unusual platform.

Digital education has come up with multiple portals for people to pursue their interests while sitting in the comfort space of their homes. To further exemplify I would like to mention My Captain, which is a digital learning forum, promoting the products of education. During the pandemic, digitalization hit another BOOM in the market which led to the rise of several online learning platforms. My Captain is one platform that provides content writing courses, celebrity workshops pertaining to the same, digital marketing courses, social media marketing, entrepreneurship, advertising, and If you got the talent of making people laugh they also provide standup comedian courses. As their tagline speaks, “Learn What You Love”. These sorts of platforms have actually helped people in expediting their careers.

We can say that digitalization is the new normal post-pandemic. Reports say, that with such high penetration of the internet on a daily basis it is expected to reach above 55 percent by the end of 2025. Aforesaid, colleges, and schools have now started making online education a priority by offering several degree courses online. Several Edtech companies (an amalgamation of software and hardware) have come to rise and started tendering to the blended form of learning which includes interactive sessions and deep exploration of technology.

Realizing that the growth of the country massively depends upon the development in the education sector, the government rolled up a new education policy emphasizing not only digital education but also the programs rendered by Edtech companies keeping in mind the progress and development of the backward areas. The government has taken up an initiative to give the same facilities in terms of the technology required for the education of these people because technology is one medium that can travel far and wide and help them reach out to a cadre of quality teachers.



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