Diljit Dosanjh On Family Ties: ‘My Mother Comes first’ Despite Relationship Strains

Diljit Dosanjh's Heartfelt Revelation: From Leaving Home at 11 to Living Alone in Ludhiana"

Diljit Dosanjh, a singer and actor, has spoken out about being sent to live with a relative in Ludhiana as a child. He claimed that his parents did this without consulting him because they intended to provide his fundamental requirements, which included food, shelter, and education. He mentioned while he loves and respects his parents, this decision has damaged their relationship.

Diljit’s Childhood Journey

Diljit told Ranveer Allahabadia, “I was eleven years old when I left my home and started living with my mamaji (maternal uncle).” I moved to the metropolis, leaving my town behind. I moved to Ludhiana. He said, ‘Send him to the city with me.’ My parents said, ‘Yes, take him. My parents didn’t even ask me.”

He explained, “I used to live alone in a small room. I used to just go to school and come back; there was no television. I had plenty of time. Also, we didn’t have mobile phones back then, so calling home or receiving a call from my parents cost money. So I began to distance myself from my family.”

Letter To Mother

Diljit explained that his parents wanted him to have a brighter future, which is why they decided to send him away. He said, “I have a great deal of respect for my mother. My father is a very nice person. He didn’t ask me anything. He didn’t even inquire which school I attended. However, my relationship with them has broken. “Not just them, but everyone.”

Previously, Diljit wrote an emotional letter to his mother, adding, “When I called home, before hanging up the phone, I always asked for my mother’s blessing. When I say paeri pena (I bow before you), mom responds with “Putt khush reh” (Son, always be joyful). Believe me, I have forgotten every tension in my life. I feel like I’ve been refilled with energy yet again. There is so much affection in her voice. For me, my mother comes first, even before God.”


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