Director Vikram Bhatt Is A Victim Of This Serious Disease, Says, “Want To Reach Out To Samantha Ruth Prabhu”

There is no doubt that Samantha Ruth Prabhu is counted among the top actresses of the South. At the same time, the audience of Hindi cinema also likes him a lot. While sharing a post on social media last month, Samantha told her fans that she is suffering from a disease called ‘Myocyst’. The actress also informed in her post that this disease is not fatal, but it causes severe pain in the muscles. After Samantha, now director of films like 1920 and Raj, Vikram Bhatt has recently revealed in an interview that he has been suffering from a disease for the last 18 years which affects the muscles as well as sleep and memory. Huh. He has said about Samantha that today only after seeing her courage, he can talk about his illness.

In an interview with the Bombay Times, Vikram Bhatt said, “She is suffering from a disease called fibromyalgia for a long time. I have been suffering from it for the last 18 years. In Samantha’s case, ‘myocyst’ disease causes muscle weakness. And in my fibromyalgia disease, there is a lot of pain in the muscles, which is completely different from other pains. Which is not painful for the common man. At the same time, it is also very painful for me. There is no solution to this disorder because your body dominates you. Only meditation and good sleep can prove helpful in this disease. I’m lucky that I have a good support system, but it’s also very difficult.”

In addition to this, He said, “hiding your illness becomes as difficult as fighting the pain. For the first four years, I could not even know what was happening. I started falling victim to depression, headaches keep on happening. Many times we start thinking that it is a different disease and we start treating it differently. A physiotherapist friend of mine helped me fight fibromyalgia.”

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