Disha Patani Gets Harassed By Poor Kids Who Touch Her Inappropriately Post BF, Alex’s B’Day Celebration: See Here!

Disha Patani was inappropriately touched by poor children and quietly dealt with them while celebrating the birthday of her Boyfriend Alex. Check here how netizens reacted to the same!

Disha Patani steps out to celebrate her alleged boyfriend, Alex’s birthday

Aleksander Alex Ilic, Disha Patani’s claimed boyfriend, will turn a year older on September 27, 2023. Disha, Alex, and Krishna Shroff went out for an intimate celebration to mark his special day. The three of them were each wearing a casual outfit for the occasion. Disha wore a miniskirt in black with a crop top in a greyish tint. Alex looked sharp in a grey shirt and blue shorts, while Krishna went with a crop top in a brownish tint and blue jeans.

Disha Patani gets harassed by some poor kids in viral video

The paparazzi stationed nearby noticed Disha, Krishna, and Alex as they exited the eatery. A group of underprivileged children surrounded the actress and asked her for money in one of the films. The children’s indecent touching and hair pulling of Disha, however, attracted everyone’s attention. Disha handled the unpleasant situation gracefully, though, by remaining composed.

Disha Patani keeps her calm as kids touch her inappropriately

Instead of reacting to the kids’ misbehaviour, Disha smiled and even laughed candidly. It was distressing to watch the kids touching the actress as if she were an item and breaching her personal space. The children were clinging to Disha but she kept her cool and headed towards her car. She looked a little different for a moment after she was in her car, and it was obvious that the experience had made her uncomfortable.

Netizens praise Disha Patani for handling the situation so calmly

Social media users are stunned to witness how Disha Patani was harassed in public after seeing the widely shared footage. They flocked to the comment part of the post, praised the actress for maintaining her composure, and even called the kids out for acting badly. As one user wrote, “She handled so politely yrrr such a nice person”, another one commented, “These kids are very well trained, by professional beggars”. Meanwhile, a third user wrote, “Disha handled this so gracefully, but she must have been scared, just because they are children doesn’t mean they are allowed to enter someone’s personal space”. Click here to watch. 

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