Divya Agarwal Lashes Out At Trolls For Being Called Gold Digger

Actress Divya Agarwal has been victim of trolls post her break-up with Varun Sood. Post her split, when she got engaged with another man, she was mercilessly trolled for cheating on Varun. The troll hasn’t stopped yet and she is often lebelled as ‘gold-digger’. Divya has lashed out at the trolls.

Divya Agarwal Slams Trolls For Calling Her Gold Digger

In an interview when she was asked about being called a ‘gold digger’, Divya said that she has won reality shows and has been a part of three web shows and she is an independent girl. She also asked if a woman can’t want a partner who is also settled in his career and if that is being called a gold digger.

Divya also added that if she was a gold digger, she would not have worked hard and built a career rather she would have found a rich guy and settled down.

Divya Agarwal’s Engagement

Divya got engaged to businessman and restaurateur, Apurva Padgaonkar last year in December. She shared the good news with her fans on social media as she flaunted her huge engagement ring.

Divya Agarwal’s Break-Up With Varun Sood

Divya and Varun who started dating in 2018 announced separation in March 2022. Later, Divya opened up on her break up with Varun and also revealed the reason behind it. She said in an interview that she couldn’t see her future with Varun, and decided to end the relationship on a good note.

Divya’s Ugly Spat With Varun Sood’s Sister

It was recently, Divya got into a Twitter spat with Varun Sood’s sister who alleged that the actress had not returned some ancestral jewellery that Varun had gifted her. Later, Divya shared the pic of the jewelry and wrote  that she never asked for the jewellery and never even wore it.

Divya Agarwal’s Professional Front

The diva appeared on reality shows like Spiltsvilla, Ace of Space, and Bigg Boss OTT. She made her acting debut with the web series Raagini MMS Returns 2, and also starred in Cartel and Abhay.