Divya Agarwal’s Savage AF Reply To A Troll Who Ask Her ‘How Many Pads She Uses In Period’ Is Everything We Need Right Now

Tables turned upside down when Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla came out of the Bigg Boss 11 house. They came together and their ex-partners, Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood respectively became a couple. Now, both couples are actively posting stuff on their social media. During quarantine, Priyank Sharma’s ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal posted a pic with boyfriend Varun Sood where she talked about being pampered by her man when she is on her periods. Divya Agarwal’s Savage AF Reply To A Troll Who Ask Her.

The story ignited a troll who asked her if she was gonna give away too much information (TMI!) about her periods stating the number of pads she used. Her reply is savage af. While sharing the story she wrote, “When I am in periods Varun doesn’t know what to do.” Replying to the story, a user DMed her and wrote, “Bloody sh*t uh r..ab period bhi announce karogi kya…din me kitna ped lagati h wo bhi bata do fir (Are you going to announce your period too? Now all that is left is for you to talk about how many sanitary pads you change in a day).. have some manners yaar..apni private cheez q disclose krre ho (Why are you disclosing your private things?).”

Divya Agarwal is one of them who don’t leave any chance to teach a lesson to these trolls. She took to her insta story shared the screenshot of DM and hit back at the troll saying, “Din me 10-12 pads* ho jate hai (Around 10-12 pads* in a day) — ask me as no one taught you right!” In her next Insta story, she went on to school such trolls, “I’m on periods. Moody, yes, but I really wish to educate people. Shut up n pamper the girls around you dealing with it every month!” Divya Agarwal’s Savage AF Reply To A Troll Who Ask Her.

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