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Straight Talk about Crooked Teeth by Dr Amit Sachdeva, India’s leading Orthodontist and mentor of largest pan India Invisalign consulting platform.

Teeth that are not aligned properly in your mouth create what dentists call ‘malocclusion’. Did you know that Crooked or Misaligned teeth affect about more than 60 per cent of the India’s adult population? If left untreated, malocclusion can lead to gum diseases and create abnormal amount of stress on teeth and jaws which lead to premature wear and trauma. Teeth that are subjected to excessive pressure can develop chipping and notches at the gum line. Premature wear can also lead to poor root support, loose teeth and eventually tooth loss.

Over a period of time these stresses can cause fracture of teeth at the edges and thus reducing the height of the teeth. This, in turn, can eventually lead to reduction in the over all height of the face. These uneven forces can also cause pain in the jaws and even headaches.


When teeth are crowded, plaque with harmful bacteria can attach to the tooth surface down to the bottom of the pocket. It can be difficult to remove plaque from crowded areas because it is difficult to brush and floss here. Bacteria can cause gum tissue surrounding the tooth to degrade and result in bone loss if not treated in time or left untreated.

Malocclusion is a risk to overall health. If left untreated it may increase the risk of conditions such as coronary heart disease and stroke, complications of diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes and respiratory diseases.

Systemic Problems caused by malocclusion:

  • Bacteria form a film underneath the gums particularly where teeth are misaligned.
  • Gums pockets are formed which further traps bacteria and debris.
  • Bacteria inflame the gum tissue cells and can invade connective tissue and blood cells.
  • The immune system creates white blood cells and proteins to fight the inflammation.
  • The combination of bacteria, toxins and white blood cells and acute-phase proteins damages the cells that line the coronary arteries, resulting in plaque and hence hardening of the arteries.

Correctly positioning your teeth for proper alignment and function will help prevent future dental problems and make a significant difference towards a healthy and hygienic mouth and preserving your teeth for life. Invisalign is a treatment modality as a substitute to braces can be used to correct the position of your teeth at all ages.

Invisalign aligners move teeth in a controlled manner – both the amount of movement per aligner as well as the timing of the movement. So at each stage, only certain teeth are allowed to move as shown in your personal Invisalign treatment plan. Invisalign aligners are made of strong medical grade, virtually invisible thermoplastic material developed for the Invisalign system with which custom made trays are made for the patient. Overtime, the trays slowly shift your teeth in the direction prescribed by the orthodontist.

Although they are intended to deliver the same benefit as traditional braces, the look and feel of Invisalign has a remarkable difference. With newer advanced technologies, they effectively straighten teeth predictably and more comfortably.

What are clear aligners? What factors should be considered while choosing them?

Much like traditional braces, aligners work by slowly moving the position of your teeth using virtually invisible trays made out of highly potent medical grade polymer using 3D scanning and printing technology. They can be used for different kinds of misalignments to help you achieve your desired smile, function and facial esthetics.

While there are many options available in market, the best desired results are achieved by Invisalign with less pain. Always consult an Orthodontist when your child is either at 7, 9, 11 or 13 years of age.

Remember, moving the teeth and jaw into desirable aesthetic and functional position is a highly specialised field requiring specialised training and certification. Carefully assess all the “Do it yourself Aligners” before getting into it as all teeth alignment correction systems are not same and not all Invisible braces or Aligners are not ‘Invisalign’.

Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment product for misaligned teeth meant to make teeth straightening convenient, safe and comfortable. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, made of soft comfortable medical grade polymer material. Patients can easily wear and take off these. For today’s busy teens and adults alike, Invisalign offers the ultimate flexibility, convenience and desired results.

Flexible, Customised Treatment plans

Experts at the Invisalign Center devise a treatment plan tailored to the requirements of the patients and discuss it with them before Invisalign treatment starts. Special software exclusively designed for Invisalign takes you along a virtual tour to see every stage of your planned treatment and the final result in advance even before your Invisalign ‘journey’ begins.

Invisalign has successfully treated a variety of misaligned teeth, ranging from crowding, wide gaps, open-bite, deep-bite and more. Invisalign’s success rate is a testimony to the fact that it is able to treat most dental issues without needing complex procedures.

Customised Invisalign treatments are provided to patients. As every single case is unique, we make sure that you receive the best treatment.  Using advanced 3D software you will be able to see your planned treatment and final result prior to your treatment starts.

The Invisalign Center has brought together a team of the most experienced and internationally renowned Invisalign doctors ready to provide you with a custom-made treatment. Book a consultation now and start your journey towards the beautiful smile you always yearned.

Now, Invisalign is available through Invisalign Elite experts at a much lower cost which is nearly equivalent to a braces treatment. You can also avail Easy EMI options for the same to make it more affordable.

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