Tamil star, Dhanush’s latest release, ”Jagame Thandiram” is a full blown film on refugee and immigrant issue that races across the world. A well-crafted and executed film in Tamil gate crash across borders and languages to bring forward migrant and refugee issue with elegance. It raise questions on nationality and citizenship in an increasingly global geo-dynamics.

Slightly longish though, the film entertains to a global issue while gives glimpses of issues past like Sri Lankan Tamil fights. For once in commercial film industry productions, we get the opportunity to see a leading female character with substance rather than getting highly glamourized and running after a super macho male protagonist.

Suruli, the character Dhanush dons brings back the super hero glances of his father-in-law, Rajnikanth who titillated silver screen with authenticity and entertainment. Jojy, Malayalam actor who proved many times of his potentiality in handling tough roles is a treat to watch doing the role of Sivadoss, a  smuggler in disguise and mentor for Tamil refugees struggling for a life in Europe.  The conclusion scene where a black man giving water to the white racist left out at a border intersection of middle east is an ideal end of the film.


Interestingly, there are no usual songs that dominates a Tamil film. Jagame Thandiram has to be noticed and appreciated for its straight look on social issues that matter globally in our present times. Dialogues such as, “what is one’s identity? Is it just a proof of paper, or passport for that matter?” sounds of an active political film within the frame of commercial film industry. What makes different the film, Jagame Thandiram is its bold stand on refugee and migrant issues that asks space for our understanding about citizenship and nationality particularly in a post covid pandemic times we live in. Dhanush handles the role of Suruli with elan and most times resembles the aura of Rajnikanth in style. Kudos to Dhanush and Jojy George of Malayalam film industry to pull off stellar performances with grit and élan. One feels at home even the film is mostly shot in a western space. Emotions play the role to make it happen.


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