Do Women Have Higher Sex Desires Than Men? Facts We Need To Know.

In country like India people generally avoid talking about “sex”. We have entered in 21st century still we feel it shameful to talk about , this is the reason why sex education importation is taking so much time in India. When it comes to women they really feel shy to talk about “sex” and their sexual life. In our society talking about sex and your sexual desires is considered as a bad thing. Well do you know that women need more sex than men? It is absolutely true. Research and studies found that women have higher sex drives than men. Women faces more harmonal changes in comparison to men.

A man may be more sexually attracted to women’s body on the other hand women are influenced by their social and cultural facts.

Women are capable of multiple “Orgasm” where a man after ejaculation finds hard to prepare him for one another quick session but, women can turn on quickly. Once they reach on that point of Orgasm they desire for more.

One special thing about women is that they like foreplay more, they desire for touching, talking and then sex. Men may aroused quickly but women like to make it long. It’s not like that they don’t enjoy and feel pleasure doing the intercourse and, feel amused only having Orgasm, they do enjoy the process.

A man may underestimate a woman’s sex desire , so next time talking about sex to your partner don’t feel shy, instead of blamming each other try to explain your partner about your sex drive. Talk about “We” not “you” or “me”. Start giving priority sex in you life.

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