Do You Know A Fingernail Says A Lot About You? Read Ahead To Know

In palmistry, a person’s personality and luck can be read from the shape of the fingernail. Now, follow us to find out what type of person you are.

The Imaginative Creator

People with vertical long fingernails are sweet-tempered and romantic. If your fingernails are long, your right brain development is relatively complete, so you have rich imaginations. You usually pay more attention to details and have extraordinary creativity, but you are easily affected by the surrounding environment and believe others easily, so you need to increase alertness to protect yourself. In the communication with the “left-brain” people, both of you may feel difficult and the conflict is unavoidable.

The Short-Tempered Debater

With fingernails wider than the average, your may have a well-developed left brain and you like to debate with others. Generally, you like to express your ideas as far as possible and make people feel that you are direct and open-minded. However, it makes you appear short-tempered, so remember to remind yourself to be patient and restrained as far as possible. You are unlikely to have an intimate friendship with the “right-brain” people because they are communicating with their heart rather than the brain.

The Lazy Pacifist

With round or oval (egg-shaped) fingernails, you are usually adaptable and live in your own pace. You have high social skills and you will be the first yes-man if people debate around you. This character makes most people love you but it also gives others the impression of bending with the wind, so you need to avoid from being misunderstood by your friends, otherwise they will not trust you. Comparing with people of other fingernail shapes, you are the best who can get along with all characters.

The Sober-Minded Swordsman

With squarish fingernails, you are usually serious, sober-minded, strong-minded and very brave. Most people with square fingernails are males. It’s good for you to be serious about everything; however, the extremely sober mind makes you appear inflexible and you may have a good relationship with others if you are not so stiff.

The Sensitive and Creative Genius

You always come up with new ideas and notice the details often ignored by others. With inverted triangular fingernails, you are a little stubborn while the equilateral triangle fingernails are oversensitive and cannot tolerate the featherheads around. And you do not like the people who always do things at their own pace step by step.

The Reliable Executive

With almond-shaped fingernails, in personality you are honest, reliable, imaginative, sweet-tempered, kind and have good manners. However, you have a low tolerance for injustice and often lose your temper towards different opinions. When you feel tired in interpersonal relationship, the best way is to step out and wait to have a clear mind, which will help you a lot.

The Ambitious Idealist

Once you have a clear goal, you will put it into practice without hesitation even if it’s difficult or you are not interested. Unfortunately, you may lack of the team spirit, and you will lose patience if other people cannot keep up with you when working with them. So, you need to learn to cooperate, which is of great significance in your self-improvement.

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