Here is how you can find out whether you are a spend thrift or otherwise. Just answer the questions with Yes or No.


Shop till you drop!

–           Do you go shopping by yourself or with family?

–           Do you prepare a shopping list before setting out?

–           Once inside a shop, do you buy things not listed?

–           Before buying do you evaluate its price and usefulness?

–           Do you buy things only when necessary?

–           Do you buy things and store it for later?

–           Do you go for discount sales?

–           Do you fall prey to the salesman’s talk?

–           Do you check the price on the commodity and in the bill?

–           Do you take an excess of cash with you?

If at least five of your answers are in the affirmative you are a prudent shopper.

If more than five of your answer are negative you need a change in your shopping approach. Money slips through your fingers without you having an inkling where it went.


Is saving your craving?

–           When you get your salary, do you keep aside cash for the monthly budget?

–           Do you carry around your whole salary in your purse?

–           When inside a shop are you tempted to buy something you don’t need?

–           If you go out with friends to a restaurant do you let the others foot the bill, without compunction?

–           If you lend money to others, do you note it down?

–           Do you wait for the last day to pay your bills?

–           Do you feel no awkwardness in asking someone to return borrowed money?

–           Are you quite comfortable eating out alone?

–           When buying presents, do you go in only for costly things?

–           Do you ask for the price before buying and see that you get back the correct change?

If the answer to all questions are  affirmative you are not spend thrifty.

If the answer to all questions are negative, you are guilty of playing ducks and drakes with your earnings.

By HymaBal

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