We as humans have a tendency to find happiness amongst our loved ones and at times we are fixated with the idea. They start enjoying time with their special friends and don’t want to miss any opportunity of spending time with them. Moreover, when it comes to the special someone in their life, they are on cloud nine. They start planning their future with them and always want to be around them.

However, at times  there are chances that the relationship fizzles away  due to unforeseen circumstances. In these conditions some people start their hunt for a  similar person to heal their wounds. The issue is that no two individuals are ever the same. Every individual has their own positives and negatives.

One can never be compared.  The reasons why people tend to find a similar person are:-


  1. You don’t like to be single

You despise not being matched up. Going through existence without a special someone appears to be practically unimaginable. This is the reason when one relationship closes, you are effectively searching for another loved one.


  1. You have a number of exes

The vast majority arrange their loved ones  into easygoing hookups, friends with benefits, and serious relationships. You only have serious relationships and you only tend to look for serious relationships. You try to look for a future and don’t want to waste your time in casual flings.



  1. You flourish when in a relationship

At the point when you’re combined up with somebody, you’re less diverted throughout everyday life. You get down to business, get back home, and carry on with your life in a loose and simple way. The thought of having a partner makes you relaxed and your partner acts as a stress buster for you.


  1. You don’t notice the warning signs of your relationship

You tend to ignore numerous potential warnings in your loved one. In your journey to make things work, you disregard practices that are viewed as dangerous like controlling behaviour, anger, violence, cheating.

This is accurately why the relationship comes to a possible end. You must choose the option to end things when you understand that even with your preeminent kindness, you can’t compel something or someone which isn’t working.


There is nothing to worry about for you. you will surely find someone better who deserves you and values your worth.

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