Does Your Relationship Has These Qualities Much Needed For A Long Lasting And Strong Bond??

Christmas is just around the corner. Hearing the bells makes out heart jump with joy. While awaiting Christmas gifts is what we look forward to. This Christmas let’s have a talk on how to make your relationship with your significant other unbreakable! Here I bring you 8 tips on how to have a strong and healthy relationship.

Take it slow

Yes, I know you just met your probable soulmate and you want to know everything detail about them asap. But what takes your relationship far along the road is to stay in the speed limit. Don’t rush. If it’s meant to be it’ll never end and if it does it wasn’t meant to be.

Physical contact

Every relationship requires intimacy. No I don’t mean sexually, what I mean by physical contact is small little gestures of admiration. These make your partner secure and makes them feel affectionate. Holding their hand, hugs from behind, kisses on forehead are some examples.


The key to a healthy relationship does not lie in ignorance, it does lie in acceptance. Talking about the problems, moments and even the insignificant things can make you feel relieved and clam around each other. It isn’t important or even natural for you guys to agree on everything. Communication is significant. Remember that!

Personal space

Every individual has his/her personal space. Majority of us are not comfortable with anyone violating it. According to a Japanese philosophy there are three faces to an individual -one, which they show to the world, two, which they show to some loved ones and three, the one they don’t show to anyone.

Have a life outside each other

It is very crucial to have your own life. Now that you’ve met your potential soulmate, your life should not revolve around them. This is important because of the uncertainty that goes on. Depending and making them so much involved into your life might make you and them devastated if you guys don’t work out.

See a future together

Seeing a future together means do you share same opinions on living together, family, the kind of life you want. These things are very important especially when you’re looking for a long term partner. Sharing same interests on these topics will give you a direction on where you guys are headed. So make sure to have this checklist with your significant other in one sitting.

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