Aging is one of the most beautiful processes of life. And, there is nothing more fascinating than a woman who wears her confidence stylishly. The composure and elegance all rolled in one makes the woman desirable.

Anti-aging doesn’t happen overnight, just as aging does not happen overnight. The wisdom here is, every year counts, each year you need to work toward happy maturing.

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The Mind-keep the years, coming

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If you want to look young at sixty, start at sixteen, begin to take care of yourself. Anti-aging is a long-term plan. Attitude counts. Aging is a degenerative process. Happy people age less-faster. It also does not mean that they don’t have troubles! Handle troubles with a positive mind.

The Body-keep the years coming

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The body and mind need to be synchronized. When food that makes a person feel good, is eaten, then they tend to look young. When the inner conflict ceases then the skin glows. The happiness rises, and health improves, naturally one will look young. Biting into an apple will make you feel you have imbibed the vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, iron and of course you have consumed sugar-fructose.

Outfits speak your age

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A trendy wardrobe is always appreciated. Fewer clothes with clever mix-and-match are the best. It keeps the wardrobe less cluttered and the add-ons can be carried to the next season. rewarding. The satisfaction of being the today-woman will bring in the youth.

The Mind-plan your life

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The famous economist Adam Smith said planning is the essence of life. A planned life, year, month and day take off the edge. There will be minor irritations and major hardships, no ship has sailed a sea that did not forebode a storm! But a less edgy life will release the tension. It will reduce the line and stress on the face. Obesity and other illness can make us look older too. Looking young is not the desire of the healthy alone. Hence thinking and planning a healthy food schedule goes a long way. Life has enough surprises we don’t need to add to that with our own surprises. It may just be too much.

The desire to look young

Feeling arrogant about looking young is the first step, to look old. The mantra to look young is everyone’s secret dream. But there are plenty who say, I am not shy about my age. Perhaps they are not, but they are a minority of intellectuals. The other smart ones like looking young. It’s all about mind over matter. First, a change in outlook is required. Motivation to have a routine exercise. The motivation to travel, to meet friends, and play games will keep us looking young. When the mind has been made up to keep fit, the clothes fit better.

So, go out there, smile, worry less about the factoring age and more about your charm!