“Don’t Hurt People’s Religious Sentiments,” MP Minister Request Aamir Khan On ‘Ad’ For A Bank!

Madhya Pradesh home minister Narottam Mishra slammed a recent AU Small Finance Bank advertisement featuring Bollywood actors Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani on Wednesday. Mishra believes Khan should not appear in such advertisements while respecting Indian traditions and customs.

The 50-second commercial depicts Khan and Advani as newlyweds driving home after their wedding ceremony. The couple can be seen talking about how neither of them cried during their post-wedding ceremony, known as “bidai.”The advertisement then depicts Khan entering his bride’s home and taking his first step inside, in contrast to traditional Indian culture, which depicts the bride moving into the groom’s home. Khan then explains how small changes can contribute to larger changes.


Amid a backlash over the commercial, Mishra stated, “I have seen actor Aamir Khan’s advertisement for a private bank after receiving a complaint.” “I request that he refrain from making such advertisements while keeping Indian traditions and customs in mind,” PTI reported.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate.” Such information about Indian traditions, customs, and deities continues to circulate, particularly (from) Aamir Khan. Such acts offend the sentiments of a particular religion,” Mishra said. The Madhya Pradesh home minister went on to say that the actor had no right to hurt anyone’s feelings.


The private bank’s advertisement sparked a social media firestorm, with many Twitter users declaring that they would close their accounts with the bank. On Twitter, hashtags such as #BoycottAUSSmallFinanceBank and #BoycottAamirKhan were trending. Vivek Agnihotri, a filmmaker, had previously criticised the advertisement.

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Agnihotri tweeted, “I just don’t understand when banks became responsible for changing social and religious traditions.” I believe that @aubankindia should engage in activism by changing the corrupt banking system. Hindus are trolling. Aisi bakwaas karte hain fir kehte hain “Idiots”

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