‘Don’t Spoil Your Image’: Internet Unimpressed With Abdu Rozik’s ‘3 In Bed’ Video!

The Tajikistan singer and social media sensation Abdu Rozik has made a huge fan following in India after his stint on controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. His funny videos always entertain the masses. However, Rozik faced backlash for his recent clip which depicted him in a ‘threesome’. The prank video did not go down well with online users.

Taking to his Instagram handle, the singer-turned actor posted a clip which featured a man and a woman sleeping together. Later, Abdu gets out of the blanket too, hinting that the three of them had a sexual intercourse.

While the influencer shared the video to tickle funny bones of his audiences, majority of his viewers did not like it. They were of the opinion that such content is not good for his image.

One user wrote, “Did you forget you are muslim ? What made you to do this kind of prank video ? Wtf no respect bro.” Another said, “Bro, don’t forget your creator. They might trap you into doing this kinda stuff, don’t fall for it. It might seem cool for now. But you’ll regret about it in the future.” A third one penned, “Abdu bro you think you are funny but you’re not.” “Doesn’t suit on you..you gonna ruin your image,” read a comment.

For the unversed, Abdu Rozik tasted success with Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss 16’. After the show got over, the Dubai-based personality began spending more time in India. Abdu has opened a burger joint in Mumbai. He has also recorded songs here, and is often seen attending events and parties in the city.