Dowry Alert! Strange Demands Made By In-Laws From Daughters-In-Law; Read On Here!

The Supreme Court has ruled that every demand made from a bride, regardless of its materialistic nature, is considered dowry. There is no doubt that requesting dowry is a crime. When their in-laws pressurize them to pay dowry or face rejection from the man’s family, women are deeply offended. As a result, we present you with some anonymous confessions of ladies who have disclosed some unpleasant dowry requests from their in-laws.

Manipulation for a kidney:

“My partner and I were to marry in a love marriage after knowing each other for five years.” He was a decent guy until I ripped off his mask during our wedding preparations. His parents wanted me to donate a kidney to his father-in-law because he was dying and they had discovered that I was a great match! My boyfriend had apparently done everything without my knowledge. When I found out he simply wanted me to marry him so I could give a kidney to his father, I called off the wedding! “The thought still makes me shiver.”

Highest car model:

“My in-laws wanted my family to ‘give’ their son an Audi, which I know my family will never be able to afford, especially after all the money spent on wedding preparations.” That was the point at which I drew the line. I had to get up in front of them and convince them that their kid and I would work hard to acquire an Audi. I had a determined look on my face, and thankfully, they didn’t say anything else after that.”

Memorizing the Quran:

“I’ve been an atheist since the beginning, and my lover has always appreciated me for it.” When we started talking about getting married, his parents curiously asked me to memorise a chapter from the Quran. It wasn’t really tough, but this request completely freaked me out. But I went ahead and did it anyhow. I didn’t want to have issues with my in-laws.”

Learning to cook:

“When my mother-in-law found out I didn’t know how to cook, she told me I had one month to finish my culinary course or she wouldn’t accept me as her daughter-in-law.” I was both astonished and embarrassed to hear this. But I complied. I learned to cook, and by the end of the month, my mother-in-law praised me for my cooking abilities and informed me that I didn’t need to cook at home, but that this training was necessary for me to handle the house in her or the maid’s absence. I understand her point, but she could have been kinder about it all.”

Cooking vegetables in real, rustic kitchen. Natural light, short DOF, a little bit noisy.

Getting a flat registered:

“My in-laws had requested that my parents register a 3-bedroom flat in a decent society complex in their son’s name.” The apartment has to be on the 10th floor and in a reputable neighbourhood. Remember, none of this was happening with mine or my husband’s knowledge. When I found out about this, I refused to pay the dowry, and my husband informed his parents as well. They said, “It’s for our future, and 10 is their family’s lucky number!” It’s completely absurd. We did not pay the dowry.”

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