Elvish Yadav Finally Reveals About His Girlfriend And Love Life, Said This About Kirti Mehra

Elvish Yadav, who won Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, is getting a lot of attention now. His fans on social media are really happy about his victory. While he was on the show, people were curious about his romantic life. Now, he’s decided to share more about his relationship.

Elvish Yadav Talks about his girlfriend

After leaving the show, Elvish Yadav talked openly about his girlfriend for the first time. When he was on the show, he had mentioned that he was already in a relationship when another contestant, Manisha Rani, showed interest in him. This is why he didn’t pursue any romantic connections on the show.

Elvish Rejects rumours of dating with Kirti Mehra

Recently, Elvish Yadav, the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2, had a chat with Manu Punjabi, who was a contestant on Bigg Boss 10. In their conversation, he confirmed that he’s in a serious relationship. He clarified that he wasn’t dating Kirti Mehra and that people were mistaken about that.

Elvish Girlfriend isn’t on social media

Elvish explained that there are some wrong ideas going around about his relationships. The people he’s been seen with in interviews are not his girlfriend. His real girlfriend lives in Punjab and she doesn’t use social media. She values her privacy and wants to keep her life away from the public eye, so Elvish doesn’t mention her name.

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Elvish Girlfriend lives in punjab

Elvish wanted to clear things up and said, “I want to make things clear for everyone. The person you’re thinking about, the one you saw in interviews, that’s not her. The actual person is different, she’s not on social media. She’s from Punjab and she lives a private life there. She doesn’t want to be involved in any of this. Her privacy is important to her and I respect that. She doesn’t want me to talk about her or get more followers for her. She stays away from all of this and she’s happy that way.”