Emptiness Within The Room Of Shrieking Emotions; Read On To Know More!

Did we ever feel lonely in a room filled with the familiar? We see everyone engaged in various conversations, gossiping, and laughter in one corner of the room over the old grandpa’s joke. But we feel lost and cannot connect with them. We consider it not normal and, along with it, we tend to keep a distance from whoever comes near, not sit with anyone and discuss it. We feel it is something that no one can understand. Our feelings are overshadowed by the logical consciousness of our surroundings.

We tend to hold back our tears, but somehow they just flow through those pearly greyish apertures. Maybe we are waiting for that one special person to come and let us rest our shoulders over theirs. We feel people will make fun of us and will not accept the way we are. Is it that difficult to express ourselves that we feel suffocated just thinking about talking to them when they are right in front of us?

Mental health is one of the most sensitive topics of the period.  A person sitting alone, crying, is no longer a common occurrence. It is hard to understand what a person wishes to do or desires to do. We start to overthink, and most of the time, such over-excessed thoughts can also lead to great confusion between the right and the wrong. feeling of helplessness, but where do we need to go to let out our hearts and speak the tornado of mixed impressions within us?

We have faced all these, but is it necessary for someone else to also undergo the same situation? If not now, when is a good time to remember your part of the sayings? There are some highlights of ideas which, at the point, if we were in surveillance of then it would have made a great difference to our situations:

  1. It is OK to not feel good. There is no time set for the happiness to change into sadness. It is pretty fine if you indulge yourself in the mood that you are currently in.
  2. Speak up to people whom you trust. Say what you are feeling. Maybe that might lower the burden that you are carrying around.
  3. Try to invest your time in something worthwhile that you like. Maybe say it’s spending your time on your hobby.
  4. In such cases, sometimes by the feeling of what others will think, we tend to step back and will not take medical treatment if needed.
  5. Something that would sound crazy and weird, and that is self-love.
  6. Start thinking about yourself, start to feel beautiful because you are.

Whatever happens, let it be. Just do not let your inner self be the most hurtful person around you.




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