Enhancing Quality, Ahead Of The Olympics: Jeet Chandra And His Experience Till Now

Table Tennis Player Jeet Chandra, who lives in Gariahat, Kolkata, is currently gaining enhancement of quality skills in Spain. When Jeet was a kid, he played many other sports and eventually found love in Table Tennis. In Spain, currently, the Covid situation is under control and hopefully, he is making the most of it during his training sessions, as per his statement. The player is currently training at the National Sports Centre, located in Madrid.

Picture 1: A beautiful motion capture of Jeet Chandra playing

According to the latest reports, in an interview with The Telegraph, Jeet said, “It has been over a month now, and I am regularly practicing with the Spanish Team, preparing for the Tokyo Olympics. The Team of Spain is completely guided by Olympian Alfredo Carneros as the national coach. Since I am also being guided by him, it’s helping me to improve my game more efficiently. I can gain a lot of experiences, utilizing every aspect of mine being in a team as well as being an individual.”

Talking of experience, the player stated that this is particularly an amazing experience and great opportunity, understanding how top players prepare themselves to excel in their skills. I have been ‘fighting with my laces tight’ alongside one of Spain’s top players, Alvaro Robles, who will soon be seen representing the country in the Tokyo Olympics. Interaction between me and Alvaro had taken place during the third session of Ultimate Table Tennis, and I believe that we have factors in common. Contrarily, the strategy and shade of the game from him and other top players will surely help me succeed, gain more confidence and perform much better in my future tournaments. Moreover, talking of the schedule, I have a regular fitness routine, where I do extensive fitness training mostly.”

Picture 2: Jeet Chandra with one of Spain’s Top Players, Alvaro Robles

Biggest Inspiration! As per his statement, Jeet’s biggest inspiration has always been his father, Tapan Chandra. According to him, his father always says to him, “Never stop, no matter how difficult it may seem.” He added, “When I’m practicing, he always wants me to give my best, like other coaches. He has always been preparing and motivating me for achieving bigger milestones, as a coach as well as a father.”

Talking of his dream as a player, he said, “I hope to see myself representing India at the Olympics soon and win a medal at the international multi-sport event is my dream. I want to get back at my best form as soon as things get normal as earlier days. I am always focusing and working on my skills for enhancing performances in the future,”

Moving on, the current ITTF world ranking of Jeet Chandra in the senior level is 392, in Men’s Singles. Also, to date, the player’s biggest achievement is that he won gold in Oman Open U-21.

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