Did You Notice This Big Mistake in Raees Trailer?

Trailer of the much awaited Shahrukh Khan’s Raees just released yesterday and we already can’t stop replaying it over again and wait for the movie to hit the screens. Kohl-rimmed eye, Baniye ka dimaag and his sassy looks are winning hearts all over. The trailer too looked strong with a stronger plot and cast. However there is one major mistake that went unnoticed.


In one of the initial scenes in trailer, a heavy vehicle is seen crashing thousands of liquor bottles. If you look closely, those bottles are of the brand Royal Stag. The movie claims to be set in the 1980’s Gujarat whereas the spirit brand Royal Stag was launched in 1995. 😛

maxresdefaultWell, for such a big entertainer, this mistake can definitely be ignored! 😉 The film will release on 25th Janurary, 2017 and will face a clash with Hrithik Roshan starrer Kaabil.

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